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Annadan is your FREE-to-download, ever-expanding and fun-to-teach reading primer that aims at making any child a strong, independent reader within a year from learning his (or her) very first letter.

Principles of Annadan Reading Instruction

I love reading and I am passionate about reading instruction – but having been raised in Germany I could never really understand why learning (and teaching) to read seems so complicated in English-speaking countries. Over here children are introduced to their very first letters in 1st grade when they are 6 years old – and the vast majority is able to read ANY text by the end of this very same school year.

I do believe that this is very much due to our special form of reading instruction –
the same kind of instruction that is used in Annadan:

  • We don’t introduce the whole alphabet first before starting reading instruction: Letters will be introduced one by one (and texts will be crafted to only make use of the letters introduced so far). Yep, in the beginning that means texts using only 2, then 3, 4, or 5 letters.
  • Very weak readers are given texts with color coded syllables that help reading long words (and there are lots of them in German) into manageable parts and identifying the correct vowel sounds.
  • We use reading primers, that is: AnnaDan will lead your children from one reading concept to the next one, one step at a time. Every unit or page page is laid out to amount of one week of work and introduces new letters as well as grammatical or spelling concepts.
  • German teachers usually don’t introduce letters by their names but only call them by their sounds. For better identification (as well as including tactile learners and children with low attention spans and difficulties staying on task) some schools adopted the sign language alphabet in addition: Children will spell saying the sounds of the letters while producing the finger alphabet sign.


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Additional Teaching Resources

Chapter 1
Lined paper for handwriting practice
Trucks for reading direction and line focus
Finger Alphabet Cheat Sheet for kinesthetic learners
Fun alphabet cards for reading practice
Syllable Slide for blending sounds
‘One World’ song – goes with international theme of page 6

Chapter 2
Classroom Posters ‘Syllables’
Mini Book ‘I am a Syllable Detective’
Shoebox experiment
Identify closed syllables
Identify open syllables

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