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Profile_pic_annadanI am German, but way back then when I was 14 (I’m 27 now) I went to a British boarding School. Bolitho School, to be exact. And yep, I’m still very proud having been one of their students.

I had the time of my life and learned a lot, but there was one thing that I was constantly amazed by: The reading skills of the native English students were oftentimes worse than their continental European peers’ performance. Even our English Teacher would admit this problem now and then, not really having an explanation.

Of course, one has to bear in mind that only these students that show above average English skills in their home countries make it to a Cornish Boarding School. But having seen the school fees that were charged I’d be tempted to argue that very probably even the British students were from good, educated backgrounds and received any help necessary to perform well.

Anyhow, it got me thinking. And researching: About the German educational system and the ways we (the Germans) teach reading. About how British and American children are introduced to letters. About how these systems and methods have changed over time. And yes, by now I can call myself the proud owner of more than 50 Fibeln (the text- and story books Europeans use to teach reading). Fibeln from the German era before naziism, from Russia, from GDR, from Spain, a collection of English phonics books as well as a whole box full of phonics programs. I have subscribed to about a dozen teaching channels on youtube and am blog hopping to get the latest kindergarten teaching news.

And all of that for only one goal: I want to help English speaking children and children that need to learn English as their second language to learn reading as well and joyfully as possible.

And this is exactly what I do for a living: For four years I have been teaching as English teacher at a kindergarten of about 110 children in Magdeburg (central Germany). My own class are 22 energetic boys and girls – the youngest 2 years old, the oldest 6 years of age.

And exactly these children are the ones I develop and illustrate all the fun stuff you can find on my blog for. You can download almost everything for free – because I hope your child and your students can benefit from it as much as my students do.

Contact me

  • If you want to leave some feedback or encouragement
  • If you have any other ideas that might be worth illustrating and sharing with others
  • for a private illustration request
  • but especially…. to share the (positive or negative) feedback concerning the Syllable Method

Linda Pieterse
Fröbel-Str. 21
39110 Magdeburg


2 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher

  1. Hello! Linda, firstly, I want to say you ‘thanks a lot’ for your sharing materials. They are very useful and necessary in our teachers’ practice. Secondly, I’m very glad that now I can connect with such a young, but very competent person. And finally, can I use your advice in my site for our Ukkrainian teachers to help them in teaching?
    P.S. Sorry for my mistakes and I’ll be very greatful in correcting them and helping to improve my English.
    Best wishes,

    • Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment, Oksana.
      I’m very pleased to be in contact with you as well.
      Please, feel free to use or adapt my blog posts (or link to resources) to further education in your area. In fact, I’m thrilled to know I can help other teachers – or make their lives a little easier.
      Best wishes (and have a nice weekend)

      (PS: I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you – on Facebook or here)

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