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Here’s the first addition to the ANY STORY series: A floor illustration that allows you to visualize any story that takes place inside. (FREE download)

Last week I have published Any Story – Fairy Tales which was a huge hit with all of you. Thanks a lot for your support there.

One of the problems that came up with the concept, whatsoever, was that this illustration is well-suited for any story taking place outside – but what about the countless stories that involve inside settings. Just think of Snow White at the dwarfs or Goldilocks.

So I took some time to paint an inside illustration, too:

innen_500For your FREE download click HERE.

Instructions on how to use Any Story:

  • Print the downloaded PDF file.
    (The original size is about A4. Theimage resolution, however, will still work with a large A3 poster print. In my classroom I usually use half original size for easy storage and flexibility.
  • Laminate the printout.
    (For this I prefer sturdy 100 micron laminating sheets)
  • Use painted stones, wooden blocks or ordinary game stones to visualize the story you are telling.
    (Click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page for inspirations on how to do that)
  • Have fun!

Additional uses

Little girls love doll houses, but sadly not every classroom can afford one for self-directed play.
Any Story is perfect for this sort of creative play as it allows children to develop their social and language skills while playing house using different characters.


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