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Syllables are a vital part of phonemic awareness instruction and definitely a must-do before jumping into any reading related activities. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be boring. Count smurf-syllables, Bob the Builder syllables, Filly Fairy or dinosaur syllables… With this FREE printable it’s even more fun.

Being able to identify syllables makes reading so much easier: Words can be broken up into smaller (and much more manageable parts) and many spelling mistakes can be avoided. (Check out the Syllable Method for the 6 basic rules of spelling syllables). This is why all good phonemic awareness instruction methods include syllable activities.

But not only that. Teaching syllables is also one of the most individualizable activities. Just think of it: Counting syllables works with all words in just about EVERY area of interest. One can count syllables of doll’s names, dinosaur species, smurfs, racing car manufacturers… It doesn’t matter.

This FREE Syllable Catapult makes exactly this even more fun (as well as easy to explain):




Click HERE to download your FREE Syllable Catapult activity.


How to do the Syllable Jump

These four illustrations are the basis of a fun catapult-jumping-syllables activity. All you need to add are small household items, toys, matchbox cars or action figures


Print the illustrations (2 A4 sheets of paper), cut, laminate and cut again. Then place the pictures on the ground (or a large table).


Make your child bring all of his favorite small toys, action figures, dinosaurs, trading cards (or whatever).
Choose one and put it onto the catapult. Then fire!


The object will come flying out of the catapult and landing on the trampoline, saying the first syllable of its name.
In this case: LI


Objects with one syllable only don’t have any more energy – but dare you catapulting action figures with names of more than one syllables: They will bounce further, saying the second one of their syllables.
In this case: ON


Objects with more than two syllables get to bounce even further!
Here’s a (not so good, sorry) snapshot my animal collection after ‘the jump’.


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