Annadan 7


Anna dan reading primer page 7 is online! This week is all about the letters I/i and O/o as well as independent blending. PLUS: Anna, Ann and Dan get into their first bit of trouble together…

Having successfully completed Annadan page 6 and Syllable Slide exercises your child should now be able to independently blend syllables. This week he (or she) will have plenty of opportunity to do so:


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Teaching Objectives

This week’s Annadan page will teach your child to

  • recognize shape and sound of the letters I/i and O/o (short only!)
  • blend words on this page independently

Even though the goal of this week’s exercises is reading and understanding the whole Annadan page 7 most children will have to go through the text a few times before accomplishing this goal. During your child’s first read it will be totally appropriate if he/she sounds out syllable-by-syllable, not understanding the meaning behind the words.

After a few reads good readers will ‘get it’ being asked questions about the text. Slower students might need more guidance: You could take turns reading or talk about the illustration to find clues.

Additional Activities

This week’s focus should still be very much on sounding out words independently so I’d recommend continuing last week’s activities:

  • use the Syllable Slide to practice blending syllables with I/i and O/o
  • the Alphabet Cards can still be used for quick spelling exercises and do make more syllables/words your child can sound out.
  • This week’s text is the longest so far. Use the Reading Trucks if your child struggles with reading direction or line focus.

ESL and Oral Language Goals

Annadan and Anna are in trouble for playing wildly inside and making too much of a noise. This provides a perfect opportunity to talk about classroom and/or house rules. Language goals might be:

  • negating sentences using ‘not’ and/or ‘no’ (“This is NOT my mom”, “I am NO girl”…)
  • formulating rules using ‘must’ (“You MUST be careful”)
  • by the end of the week most children should be able to combine these two learning objectives in no-rules: “You MUST NOT do that”

The Annadan Principles

  • No introducing the whole alphabet first before starting reading instruction: Letters will be introduced one by one (and texts will be crafted to only make use of the letters introduced so far). Yep, in the beginning that means texts using only 2, then 3, 4, or 5 letters)
  • Annadan uses the Syllable Method – a concept all about color coded syllables that has been used very effectively with dyslexic children in Germany.
  • Every page is laid out to amount to about one week of work and includes instructions on what to teach
  • (German teachers usually don’t introduce letters by their names but only call them by their sounds. I would highly encourage you to do the same – it will take one ‘brain loop’ out of the reading process)

Next week

Next week’s Annadan will be all about the differences between open and closed syllables. Your child will learn to identify these syllable types and use the correct vowel sound with each.

(Since it will be a double-spread (that is: two facing pages) I am not sure I will be able to finish next week’s double-spread by Sunday – I’ll do my best, though 🙂 . )



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