Annadan 6


A week is over and here is this Sunday’s completely new Annadan page: Dan’s Book. It’s all about blending sounds using  the Syllable Slide method – and you’ll learn where Dan is originally from. (FREE download, of course)


Blending sounds to form words is one of the many (and one of the very first struggles) a beginning reader had to go through. Unfortunately, many parents and educators don’t really know how to make sound blending plausible to little ones. This also leads to one of the major issues – breathing separately for every letter involved – is almost never addressed. Instead many teachers try to make children say the sounds ‘faster, with no gap in between’ (but without instilling breathing awareness this oftentimes won’t show much of an effect).

The solution this Annadan page brings is the one of the Syllable Method (Click HERE for more info and detailed instructions): Letters slide down a slope and ‘flow’ together to form a word: nnnnnnnaaaaaaa – nnnnnnnaaaaa: nana.

This method only works for sounds that can be stretched. With short consonants like D/d your child won’t be able to read that way. If a word starts on one of these difficult consonants, tell your child to say the following vowel but starting with the ‘consonant mouth’ (That is: lips shaped as if saying D/d, B/b, C/c…)

So, with all that being said: Here’s this week’s page:



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Things to teach with this printable:

  • Blending sounds by sliding them together
  • pointing finger leads eyes
  • maintaining correct reading direction
  • talking about home town / country
  • learning about other parts of the world (maybe enjoying a fairy tale from another country?)

Additional Resources

The Annadan Principles (or: How to Use This Resource)

  • No introducing the whole alphabet first before starting reading instruction: Letters will be introduced one by one (and texts will be crafted to only make use of the letters introduced so far). Yep, in the beginning that means texts using only 2, then 3, 4, or 5 letters)
  • Annadan uses the Syllable Method – a concept all about color coded syllables that has been used very effectively with dyslexic children in Germany.
  • Every page is laid out to amount to about one week of work and includes instructions on what to teach
  • (German teachers usually don’t introduce letters by their names but only call them by their sounds. I would highly encourage you to do the same – it will take one ‘brain loop’ out of the reading process)

Next Week

Next week Annadan will introduce two new letters (I/i and O/o) – and you’ll get to see the first trouble Anna, Ann and Dan run into.



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