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Here it is: Page 5 of Annadan reading primer (the reading primer that aims at getting children to read fluently within a year from learning their very first letter) – FREE for you to download.
Today it’s all about the letter D/d.

Sometimes little dragons are delivered to you by mail. And in very special cases these little creatures also bring a new letter for you to learn. In this case both is true: Meet Dan, the sneaky and cheeky little dragon that jumps out of Anna’s parcel:

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Have You Noticed the Changes?

As all AnnaDan fans will immediately be able to tell: I have changed the layout of the pages a little (and re-numbered the individual pages). This means that the page numbers of the pages you have downloaded already need to backshift: Page no. 4 will have to be your new 3, page no. 5 will be your new 4.

Why I have created this new look-and feel?

  • First of all I felt the story was much easier to tell with left-hand and right-hand pages swapped (hence the page number mix-up).
  • And secondly I feel the letter parcel at the bottom much nicer to look at (and less interfering with the illustrations than the yellow bar I used in the previous pages.
  • The colored space at the bottom that highlights the teaching instructions will mark the chapter you and your child are working at (and change color as your child progresses in his reading level – first color change on page 8!).

Even though I am quite happy with the AnnaDan layout now (and decided to keep it that way) I don’t think I’ll be re-uploading the previous pages. Firstly, because I am still on sick leave and don’t feel like spending much time in front of my computer and secondly because I don’t know if I won’t maybe change a thing or two in the future again – so I think it just doesn’t make much sense (yet).


Remember: Annadan follows these (very German) principles:

  • No introducing the whole alphabet first before starting reading instruction: Letters will be introduced one by one (and texts will be crafted to only make use of the letters introduced so far). Yep, in the beginning that means texts using only 2, then 3, 4, or 5 letters)
  • Annadan uses the Syllable Method – a concept all about color coded syllables that has been used very effectively with dyslexic children in Germany.
  • Every page is laid out to amount to about one week of work and includes instructions on what to teach
  • (German teachers usually don’t introduce letters by their names but only call them by their sounds. I would highly encourage you to do the same – it will take one ‘brain loop’ out of the reading process)


Next Week

Next week your children will take a big step towards the goal of reading ‘like a pro’:
Page 6 will cover the secret of blending sounds to form words – totally fun and hassle-free!



Are you a fan of AnnaDan or have something to say about the new look? If so, please share and comment.
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