Annadan Reading (5)


Annadan is my new reading instruction program designed to lead from first letters to fluent reading within a year. Here’s the promised new (and FREE) page of my Annadan reader: Meet Anna’s family.

I’m so glad I finally got this page done (Having been hospitalized this week things haven’t been that easy). But even with a needle in my arm: I did it!

This week Anna’s family is in focus: Nana and her little (and much too curious and troublesome) sister Ann. And for all those dying to know what will be found in the parcel: Here’s the answer.


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Remember: Annadan follows these (very German) principles:

  • No introducing the whole alphabet first before starting reading instruction: Letters will be introduced one by one (and texts will be crafted to only make use of the letters introduced so far). Yep, in the beginning that means texts using only 2, then 3, 4, or 5 letters)
  • Annadan will use the Syllable Method – a concept that has been used very effectively with dyslexic children in Germany.
  • Every page is laid out to amount of one week of work and includes instructions on what to teach
  • (German teachers usually don’t introduce letters by their names but only call them by their sounds. I would highly encourage you to do the same – it will take one ‘brain loop’ out of the reading process)


Next Week:

Learn about the letter D/d and find out which little creature has hidden in the parcel as well



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