Perfect Alphabet Cards


Many Alphabet cards, games and resources can actually harm children’s reading success.
Here is a set of alphabet cards that I have created especially to fit these kids’ needs – FREE for you to download.

But what exactly makes these cards special, you might ask.
Here you go – the secrets that make real good alphabet cards:


Some people have messaged me about how an image can encourage correct reading direction. If you are really curious you can read the long explanation HERE. But this the quick version:

Many children struggle to remember whether a word is supposed to be read from left to right or right to left and accordingly change reading (or writing) direction frequently – producing many nonsensical words. The background image on these alphabet cards – a girl looking and walking to the right – subtly encourages children to follow her movement with their eyes, indicating the correct direction.

 This set of Perfect Alphabet Cards consists of:

  • a set of 92 basic letter alphabet cards (number of cards for individual letters depending on letter frequency in English words)
  • 1 card each for all of the following digraphs: ch, sh, ng, nk, th, ir, or, ar, ur, ea, ou, ow,
  • 8 blank cards – for use as wild cards or to add own letters/digraphs
  • a neutral background that can easily be printed onto the back of the cards – so letters don’t “shine through”.
    Great for all games that require players to not know each others cards.

Download /printing / assembly instructions

Download your set of alphabet cards by clicking HERE or on the image below:
(This is quite a big file, so please be patient)



  • Print the files, making sure your printer settings say ‘double sided printing’ (or something equivalent to that).
    If you print the cards in original size (not ‘fit to printer margins’) they should come out as standard business card format.
  • Cut. I used a paper guillotine for mine and was done in about half an hour.
  • Laminate. With the standard business card sized alphabet cards you should be able to obtain perfectly fitting laminating foils – so that you don’t have to cut the laminated sheets again.

A few ideas on what to do with your cards

  • Tracing
    Let your child use her finger to trace the letters, reinforcing letter shape and sound.
  • Beginner word / sentence reading
    Spell out a word or sentence and let your child read the words. You can alter the amount of letters / special sounds used to accommodate your child’s reading level. For some more fun: Give points for every letter that was read correctly.
  • Beginner spelling
    Hand out a few alphabet cards to your child and ask her to spell several easy words. Points can be awarded for motivational purposes.
  • Big word puzzle
    Spell out a big word in the middle of your playing surface (sunshine, sunflower, rainbow…). Then every player gets his turn to spell as many other words from the one in the middle as possible. Sunflower could for instance become: sun, flower, flow, low, on, so, won, now…. Award points by either number of words, difficulty of words or numbers of letters used.
  • Crosswords
    Every player draws x amount of cards (5 to 7 seems to be best). Then players take turns laying out words in the middle. Letters can be re-used by forming crossword puzzles. After one player has finished his moves he draws as many cards from the stack as he used in his words so he owns the original amount again. Award points by number of letters used. The game ends when no player can think of another word to spell with the available letters.

Additional syllable type cards as well as downloadable game ideas can be downloaded HERE – and of course that’s for FREE as well!


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