I Have a Little Dog

Phonological awareness, the ability to break word up into syllables, recognizing upper- and lowercase letters are two of the main indicators of reading success.   This FREE Syllable Song with additional resources helps your child develop both. And for all you ESL teachers: This song introduces animal names as well as possessive pronouns his / her as…

Old MacDonald

Last month we had a costume party at kindergarten: All children were asked to dress up as animals – and of course we sang lots of animal songs. Here is a FREE download of a timeless classic.

Jingle Bells

Tomorrow we’ll have a Christmas market at kindergarten: Everything is prepared, gingerbread and biscuits are baked, advent calendars are crafted and the children are excited. But: There is no snow. Download this FREE illustrated song and sing with us to make up for the rainy weather!

A Pirate’s Life

Today is St. Nicholas’ day in Germany: Especially children celebrate the Saint that saved all of Myra’s children being taken captive by pirates that entered the city. It’s a day of lots of joy and small gifts and chocolates. Download this FREE song to celebrate with us.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time…

The cold and dark season is here: Story telling time! My children love fairy tales – so why not invent a few new ones and learn about sentence structures in the meantime. Join us on that journey with this FREE song printable.

Hibernation Song

The Bears Are Hibernating Again

While we’ve been busy exploring water over the past weeks the new season has quietly sneaked up on us. The trees are changing color and the wind is becoming cooler. Time to talk – and sing – about animals getting ready for hibernation. Join us with this FREE song sheet.