Syllable Catapult

Syllables are a vital part of phonemic awareness instruction and definitely a must-do before jumping into any reading related activities. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be boring. Count smurf-syllables, Bob the Builder syllables, Filly Fairy or dinosaur syllables… With this FREE printable it’s even more fun.

Finger Alphabet Cheat Sheet

One of the things I can be really passionate about is sign language: It’s so amazing how adding this additional ‘movement layer’ to language classrooms boosts students’ learning success. Especially ESL and ADD children as well as dyslexic students benefit greatly. Join me on the fascinating journey of hands in motion with this FREE and easy-to-use Finger Alphabet Cheat…

I Have a Little Dog

Phonological awareness, the ability to break word up into syllables, recognizing upper- and lowercase letters are two of the main indicators of reading success.   This FREE Syllable Song with additional resources helps your child develop both. And for all you ESL teachers: This song introduces animal names as well as possessive pronouns his / her as…

Handwriting Printables

Many young children struggle with their handwriting: Letters seem to be dancing all over the page, words are spelt backwards or letter sizes vary greatly in size. Here are three FREE handwriting sheets that can help overcome these difficulties.